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Guild youtube...sort of.

voxgizer, May 11, 11 5:53 PM.
Hey guys, it's Jack.

I've started posting short videos on my youtube showing some of us running towers or just in general. There're a few other videos on there too, but the DFO ones are going to be my focus for now, so go check them out.

Website Revival

ManaPopsicle, May 2, 11 12:13 AM.
We can rebuild it, we have the technology......

Anyways, planning on doing something about it. Hopefully this brings about a more active guild an stuff.


[edit] the banner that i posted up isn't permanent, more like a place holder of what i have planned for it :)

Pith Update

deadstrangle, Mar 16, 11 12:18 PM.
Sorry I've been away everyone. Currently the hard drive on my computer is burnt out so my return has been ever so slightly delayed. I am in the process of procuring another, which I should have in hand soon. Hope to be back on with you all soon!

-Pith, The Hobo Guild Leader

checking for now...

ManaPopsicle, Jan 19, 11 1:21 PM.
Well for anyone who cares enough to go on this site, let me just extend a thank you for showing your support. As you all know, however, Val a.k.a. LordValmar was banned not too long ago under the accusation of using hacks while playing DFO. Sad to say, I personally don't know whether it will be a temp ban or a perma ban. On the other hand, Val was able to transfer the items that he was given to sell to Alastor13 our guild leader. So if you or anyone you know had any vending items given to Val to sell, contact Alastor13 for retrieval. 


Averni Christmas Event results

LordValmar, Dec 15, 10 12:00 AM.
The Holiday guild event is over, congratulations to our winners, Wolfwood, MaidCookie and BoxFrenzy.
Members must be at least level 18. Those who are already members may join on alts under level 18, provided that they reach 18 within 7 days time. Members who are inactive for over 40 days without valid cause shall be removed.
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